Hao Chen

Policy Analyst 

Dr. Hao Chen is a Policy Analyst at the China Ocean Institute. Dr. Chen holds a PhD in analytical chemistry from Tufts University.

Prior to joining the China Ocean Institute, he once worked as an environmental chemist in state-owned Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, with a broad research interest and experience in addressing environmental science and policy issues, which included, but were not limited to, marine environmental issues in China. Apart from being a full-time research scientist, he also served as a government-nominated marine litter focal point person for China for the Northwest Pacific Action Plan (NOWPAP), a regional UNEP initiative, by actively assisting with Chinese central, provincial and local governments in marine litter control and management with multiple stakeholders including industrial sectors, academia, and NGOs.

Raised in mainland China, he has settled down in Seattle since 2016. By joining the China Ocean Institute, he is committed to promoting the collaboration between the United States and China in marine policy and management.